Special Projects

Do you need an extra hand for a short-term, one-off project? Dealing with individual contractors, a long list of suppliers, different physical locations, and multiple front-line teams can be a daunting task when you already have your regular workload.

Don’t put additional, unnecessary strain on your existing team.

Instead, Micro Informa will be your single point of contact that manages all of the moving parts for your project to make sure it’s a success. We can take care of the headaches and act as a buffer to keep your operations from being interrupted.

We will help you plan out your project, provide project management, find the right personnel, build the appropriate teams, and provision the resources necessary to make sure your project is completed without a hitch. We provide regular feedback throughout the process and will help make sure the project stays within budget and on deadline.

For Additional Support

There are times throughout the year when the needs exceed capacity. During these times of flux, you don't want to spend the time and energy to interview new staff that is only going to stick around for a few weeks. We can deploy technicians quickly and give your in-house team a chance to breath.

With a Short Time Frame

Project deadlines can sometimes be tight. When you need an extra set of hands to get the work done on time we offer quick turn-around for customers who need last-minute help. If you're in a bind time-wise, we can give you that extra hand.

Under Exceptional Circumstances

With the day-to-day needs of every IT department, it may not be feasible to take extra projects and risk overloading your team. The business need exists but the in-house capabilities are already stretched thin. Under these exceptional circumstances we can help manage, deploy, and complete a project for our customers.


Your staff is already busy enough with day-to-day oganizational needs. When a migration project comes up, do you really want to take your staff away from more important tasks so that they can move boxes and plug in wires?

We help our clients build the team they need, deploy them on-site, manage the communications, and make sure that the project owner is aware of any updates or roadbumps. Our goal is to make sure the migration process runs smoothly and doesn't disrupt the rest of the organization.

By keeping the project siloed, your team isn't returning to a backlog of requests, you don't have to take on additional staff for a one-off project, and you get a nice, clean, contained budget specific only to the migration project.


POS Support

We understand Retail and all of the nuances involved with installing, setting up, and maintaining point-of-sales systems. Since 2002, we have been directly involved in the migration and set up of dozens of locations across Canada and have the specific expertise necessary to support all major POS systems.

We can help you with everything to do with point-of-sale. From consulting on which POS system will be best suited for your unique needs to maintaining legacy support for older platforms, we have seen it all.


On-Site Installations

Your in-house staff probably has more important things to do than crawling around, running network cables. We have experience doing on-site hardware and software installations in offices as well as retail locations. We have checklists and procedures in place to make sure nothing gets missed.

Since 2002, we have helped our clients install hardware and software on-site across Canada. Trust our experts to minimize down-time and get your specific setup done right.


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